Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Egyptian Cotton Bedding

Quality Sleep

”All who have tried say the same, once you have slept in silky smooth Egyptian cotton linens, you feel the value of good quality”

Today it is more important than ever to experience moments of relaxation and rest. Our waking hours are to accommodate both work and active leisure, so the recovery will be a necessity.

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Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

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A quiet well organized bathroom gives room for rest and relaxation.
Make your bathroom a place where you really enjoy staying.

Small, simple measures such as a new set of Egyptian cotton towels, a new bath mat and a body scrub can do wonders in the bathroom.

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Why Egyptian Cotton?

Why Egyptian Cotton?When it comes to the softest cotton you can find, there simply isn't a better choice than Egyptian cotton. This remarkable cotton that is used in sheets and bedding actually still comes from Egypt.

What we find is the nutrients that are unique to the Nile River help to create a more unique material that ends up being stronger and softer than other cottons. In fact, many makers find this to be an easier cotton to have spun thanks to the fact it grows in a long firm strand.

Unique Fibers

Another interesting aspect that we find about Egyptian cotton is that this unique fiber has the ability to absorb liquids better than all other fabrics that are around. It is this feature that allows people to make beautiful dye patterns that will always remain rich and vibrant. It is also one of the reasons why many of the high end robes and towels will use Egyptian cotton. Best of all, it always gives a nice sheen look to be attractive to the eyes as well.

But there was a time when you couldn't be sure if the Egyptian cotton that you were buying was authentic. Because of that, those who created authentic products determined to put an end to the misuse of the name created an official logo so anyone who buys the authentic merchandise will know they are getting what they paid for.

Of course, there is a newer cotton that many people are arguing is comparable to Egyptian cotton. That material is called Pima cotton. This is grown on an Arizona reservation. What we know about this material is that is too hand long fibers and that is where the similarity between both types of cottons actually ends.

We do know that in Egypt, cotton didn't arrive until the 19th century. This was done under the command of the rule at the time. His name was Mohammed Ali Pasha and he drew his crops from the Americas so his people could bring in another commodity. The reason that the quality increased had to do largely with the new weather and conditions it had been introduced to. The money this ruler took in then went to help aid the army he was looking to build.

Quality Seal of Approval

Most of the time, you will find that products that contain Egyptian cotton contain nothing else. However, there is an increase in smaller companies mixing in other cottons to reduce the overall cost. Be sure you look at the packaging to see what percentage a product you are looking at contains. In the United States, all packages must contain their content percentages. Anytime you spot a package that says it is 100% Egyptian cotton, you can bet it is an excellent product.

Tread Count

Now, you understand the basics of the cotton type, but it is now very important that you understand thread counts. This count is typically the number of threads that are contained in a 1 inch area on any fabric, be it sheets, pillows or other items. You will always found a true and accurate thread count on the sheets you buy. Something to note is that while many people dread a 200 count sheet made from standard cotton, the same thread count in Egyptian cotton would be considered a higher quality. This is largely in part due to the stronger nature of this type of material. But since it is higher quality, you will also find that there is a price you get for the higher level of comfort as well.

Washing Egyptian Cotton

But to get the most from these sheets, you need to do one more thing. You must wash them before their first use. The reason is that this will help them become softer and more comfortable to your skin. Many times the unwashed fibers aren't as appealing feeling and people will return them because it isn't like the Egyptian cotton that they are used to. Which brings up a very important point, these sheets become more comfortable as more time passes. This is unlike regular sheets that wear down and feel worse with age. This means you can get a lifetime use from your Egyptian cotton sheets. You won't find that with standard sheets.

To wash your sheets, be sure you do it in a regular cycle and understand the settings the manufacturer suggests. While a few might require cold water, most will have you wash in warm water since the dyes won't fade. Then drying should be done on the Permanent Press cycle. That was you can get the most from these sheets. Never bleach your sheets or clean them with other cottons as it can harm the fabric. This way you always have the highest quality, with the minimum problems as well.

As You Make Your Bed, so You Must Lie in it

As you look through the stores you will find that these sheets can range in price. A lower 200 thread count will set you back about $100, while a 1,000 thread count can easily cost $200. But don't let these prices concern you. You must realize that while there might be a little more investment to these items, you will end up spending less money in a lifetime on one set of sheets that you will do over the decades when it comes to some of the lesser quality items you buy.

Remember, if you are an individual that is looking to have quality in your life and wanting the softest bedding experience possible, then you must include a set of sheets that are made from Egyptian cotton. This is after all the best bedding you will ever own in your lifetime. There will be no limit to the styles and colors that you will find, making this one of the few things you can customize to your room and know it will always remain the same.